Sooner or later, it happens.
Your kids complain of itchy heads, a lice check
at school or camp finds nits in your child’s hair,
or you get a call from the distraught parent of
your child's best friend who has lice -
after the sleepover!

We can help. Just pick up the phone and call:

    888-Nit-Witz (888-648-9489)

 "NitWitz literally helped us rid our heads
of lice. More than the itch was driving us
crazy. It was the thought of bugs! After what
felt like an in-home spa treatment and
therapy session, we found our way back to
feeling happy and healthy again quickly.
Thank you! Knowing what to expect, look for
and do, helped clear our heads, literally."

Stephanie W., Chicago, IL

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what NitWitz clients are saying!

NitWitz is ready to remove any head lice problem from your life and from your heads!
We are professional and skilled in the business of lice solutions.

  • Private & Practical: NitWitz makes house calls. We
    come to you completely equipped to solve your lice
    problem. Why waste time and gas chasing to a salon for
    lice treatments? Our service is conducted in the privacy of
    your own home, where you can get on with your daily
    business and where your child feels safest.
    No stigma, no stress.

  • Fast & Convenient: When you call us for help with
    head lice or a suspected case, NitWitz will set up a prompt
    appointment to come to your home. Head Checks take
    less than half an hour, and if a case of lice is confirmed,
    we understand that you want to treat this unwelcome
    home visitor quickly. Most cases can be treated in 1-3
    hours, depending upon the severity of infestation and
    length and thickness of the hair.

  • Effective & Safe: We don’t want you to use toxic
    pesticides on your child! NitWitz uses a proven
    combing and removal technique and exceptional
    products to eliminate lice. Our products are 100%
    natural, enzyme-based and chemical-free. Lice are
    killed on contact, making removal easier.

  • Sensitive & Child-Centered: Let’s face it - lice
    freak us out. At NitWitz, we understand what you
    and your child are going through because we are
    parents, we have professional experience with
    children, and we have been there ourselves! We
    provide gentle and supportive help and guidance for
    you and your child.  We even bring age-appropriate
    books and videos about lice and a small gift for your
    children to choose from our "treasure bug box!"

    NitWitz uses FDA-registered, safe, natural, pleasant and proven-effective products.  
    Happyheads™ Bye-Bye Lice™ Nontoxic Shampoo, Conditioner & Combing Solution,
    All Natural Oil Repellent and Nontoxic Spray Repellent really work to kill, treat and prevent lice.  

    We also use the Nit-Free Terminator comb, proven in clinical studies to be the most effective
    lice and nit removal implement.

    We did the research for you, we believe these are the best products and tools available – and
    they are what we would use on our own children.

    NitWitz products are available for purchase, so that you are prepared if these little unwelcome
    visitors make another appearance!  

    For more information about Happyheads products click here

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