• Head Check:

    At the first sign of lice or nits or word of an infestation at
    your child’s school or camp, call us at 888-Nit-Witz
    (888-648-9489).  We will promptly schedule an appointment
    to come to your home and examine your child’s head to
    determine if lice are present. Head Checks usually take
    less than half an hour per head, and we highly recommend
    that all family members get checked!

  • Treatment:

    If NitWitz determines that lice are present, we can
    immediately proceed with our professional lice removal
    process right in the privacy and comfort of your own home.
    This process takes anywhere from 1 to 3 hours or more,
    per person, depending on the extent of infestation and the
    length and thickness of the hair.   

    We use a highly organized and methodical approach to the
    removal of live and dead lice, nits (eggs) and nymphs (baby
    lice) from the head. The only way to be certain that lice are
    gone is to complete a manual removal process, followed by
    our simple maintenance plan and the use of preventive
    measures and products. We will teach you how to do follow-
    up comb-outs or you may choose to have us return to your
    home to provide this service.

    To learn more about the NitWitz process click here.

  • Home Help:

    We provide you with follow-up and home-care instructions,
    and we walk you through the steps to keep your heads and
    your home lice-free. We provide sound advice on the cleaning
    and maintenance needed to make sure all those little buggers
    are gone and won't come back!  


  • Head Checks:

    $40 for initial head check
    $20 for each additional
          family member

    Head check fees are waived if
    treatment is provided.

  • Treatment:

    $100 per hour

    One-hour minimum on all
    treatment services.
    Additional hours are prorated
    in quarter-hour increments.

  • Follow Up Visits:

    $100 per hour

    Prorated in quarter-hour

    Hourly rate is per technician.

    Travel fees may apply if   
    more than 10 miles travel.   

    Credit Card may be required
    to secure appointment.  

    Cancellation fee of $75 will
    be charged with less than
    24 hour notice.


We know how to put your child at ease,
and we know how to get rid of lice once and for all.
Once our process is completed, in most cases, your
child can return to school the next day,
and you can return to your life-before-lice!
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