What is the NitWitz process?

  • We examine each head for evidence of lice, nymphs or nits. NitWitz strongly recommends
    that we check all members of the household for lice at our first visit. This approach gives
    you the best head start on preventing lice from spreading throughout the family, and
    helps us spot and treat those who already have evidence of lice. Each screening takes
               approximately 15-30 minutes (depending on the length and thickness of the hair).

  • If evidence of lice is found, we begin our thorough removal technique. First, we apply our safe
    and 100% natural, enzyme-based shampoo. We use a patented, FDA registered formula which
    breaks down the exoskeleton of the lice and kills them on contact - making for easier removal.
    The shampoo is worked into the 
scalp and the entire head. We cover the head with a cap and
    leave the shampoo on for 20-30 minutes.         

  • During this time, we can check other family members for lice, answer your questions, guide
    you through lice-related home care, and assure you that there is life after lice!
  • The shampoo is rinsed out, a special conditioner and combing solution is applied, and we
    begin manual removal of the head lice and nits. Methodical and thorough combing of the hair
    and scalp is the key to eliminating head lice. This is the longest part of the process, usually
    taking between 1-3 hours per person or more, depending on the extent of the infestation, and
    the length and thickness of the hair.  

  • We utilize a strand-by-strand method of removal, developed by Katie Shepherd and The
    Shepherd Institute. Using a special lice comb and our all-natural combing solution, hair is
    divided into sections and combed meticulously in order to remove live and dead lice, nymphs
    and nits from the head. The hair is then rinsed and an all-over comb-out is completed to
    remove any remaining lice or nits. We can then apply a lightweight lice repellent spray and
    provide you with follow-up instructions to keep the lice away.

  • It is critical that shampooing take place every 3 days for a 2 week period, along with daily
    combing. We will teach you how to do this or you may choose to have us return to your home to
    provide this service. This follow-up will ensure that all lice and nits are completely removed and
    help prevent re-infestation.  We understand the lice life-cycle and know how to outwit nits!

    What Are the Risks of the NitWitz Process and Products?

  • The NitWitz head lice removal process is completely safe and nontoxic! All of our products
    are 100% natural, enzyme-based and FDA-registered. They have been proven to be allergy-
    safe, have clearly labeled ingredients, and have no strong and unpleasant smells like other
    products.  Our process, as described above, is kid-friendly and pain-free.

    Can I Do it Myself?

  • Sure. We are happy to offer our Happyheads Bye Bye Lice products and lice removal comb
    for sale and can provide you with the guidelines for effective lice removal.

    If One of My Children Has Lice, Will the Whole Family Get It?

  • Not necessarily. Lice do not jump or fly from head to head, but close contact with an infested
    head definitely leaves other family members vulnerable. We strongly recommend that NitWitz
    check the heads of all family members.

       Can I Be Sure the Lice Won’t Come Back?

  • No one can guarantee that a new case of lice won’t find its way to the head of a member of
    your family. But, with diligent and thorough removal and regular follow-ups, the lice from this
    infestation should be gone and stay gone.

    How Did My Child Get Lice?

  • Head lice are contagious in the sense that they arrive on a new head from close contact with
    an infested head. In other words, your child likely got lice from a school or camp mate, a sleep-
    over with someone who has it, or other head-to-head contact. Because younger children are
    more likely to share their space directly with another child, or share their hats or headgear, the
    lice conveniently have a new head to hang on to.  Lice are NOT a result of poor hygiene, race,
    economics or illness—just some bad luck.

    I See Lots of Lice Products in the Drug Store. How do They Differ from the Happyheads Bye
    Bye Lice Products Used by NitWitz?

  • There are many products on the market that contain harsh chemicals and pesticides, and we do
    not want you using those on your child’s head.  In addition, lice have become resistant to these
    products due to overuse.  Newer products may contain natural ingredients that are safe and non-
    toxic—and that is good news!  The Happyheads Bye Bye Lice products are FDA-registered
    100% natural and are enzyme-based. The enzymes in the Bye Bye Lice shampoo actually work
    on the exoskeleton of the louse and kill it. Dead lice are easier to remove than live lice.
    Click here for more information about the products we use.

    I Have Been Finding Contradictory Information About Lice Online. Can You Recommend
    Good Resources?

    (The Shepherd Institute, developers of the Shepherd Method of Strand by Strand Nit Removal)
    NitWitz knows kids, and we know that it can be difficult for your child to remain quiet and
    seated while we treat the head lice. To help your child settle in, we bring a variety of books
    and DVDs related to head lice for your child to read or view while we work.  Your child can
    also watch TV, do homework, read or play their video games during the removal process.  
    Best of all, at the completion of the process, your child can select a small gift from our
    "treasure bug box" to keep!  
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